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BomBastic Nail Art: White Lace Nail Art with Water Slide Decals

Thursday, 3 March 2016

White Lace Nail Art with Water Slide Decals

Lace nail art is quite popular these days. I have seen professionals painting lace designs so beautifully and perfectly that I become a fan of it. I wanted to try these lace nail art designs on my nails but don’t want to paint it. So, I found a cheat for it. I got some lace water decals those are really very beautiful. If you read my blog posts, then you must know what water slide decals are and how to apply them. In case, you are new to water slide decals then keep reading!!

Today, I am going to share white lace nail art ideas and tutorials.

Lace nail art

Items required:
  1. Any nail polish color for the base. I used turquoise color.
  2. Lace water slide decals.
  3. Scissor
  4. A bowl of water.
  5. Quick dry top coat.

Steps for Lace Nail Art:

lace nail art with water decal
lace water slide decals
Lace Water Decals used in the Nail Art

4pcs Nail Water Decals Stickers White Lace Ripple Net Moon Star-4patterns selectable 
Step 1: Apply two coats of your favorite nail polish for the base. Let it dry.

Step 2: Remove the transparent protective sheet from water decal and cut a required piece of it. I used design no.D199.

Step 3: Dip water decal piece in water bowl for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4: Take it out with tweezers.

diy nail art

Step 5: If u put a drop of water on your nails then it will be easy to adjust water decal on it.

Step 6: Apply a coat of quick dry top coat and let it dry.

lace nail art

Step 7: Once the top coat is dry, then you can easily clean the sides of your nail art. You can use a toothpick or an orange stick for it.

Step 8: I used white 3D decals with colored stone to make my nail art stand out.

easy nail art

Watch the step by step video on how to apply full nail water slide decals:

Red White Lace Nail Art
Here is a red white lace nail art design. I used water decal design no.D196 and white 3D flower decals. It is a perfect nail art for the wedding.

Red white lace nail art

Cute Nail Art

For this nail art, I give ombre effect with a sponge for the base. I used light green and dark green Nail polish colors. Water decal design used in this nail art is D207. It is complemented by white 3D flower decals again.

Green Ombre Nail Art

lace water decal nail art

Green White Lace Nail Art

cute nail art

I hope you all enjoyed my cheat for DIY lace nail art with water slide decals. Please share your views.

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